Qualities of good computer engineer

There are some important qualities that you must have in order to be a successful computer engineer.  First and foremost you must have a strong background in math and science.  Not saying that you cant be successful without this but it sure is going to be beneficial to you.  Its pretty much the basis of what you will be doing.  Now also with computer engineering being a technology based field you MUST have a willingness and want to continue your education.  Technology is always changing and you have to be forward thinking in order to keep up.

Analytical skill are another must have attribute because computer engineers have to analyze complex equipment and then determine what will be the best way to improve on it.  See the correlation so far?  Its pretty difficult to improve on technology if you arent up to date on what is currently out.

A creative mind is your next important quality.  You have to be capable of designing that next big thing and this sometimes requires thinking out the box.  Other times you can improve on whats already available but nonetheless it requires creativity to take things to the next level.

Critical thinking skills are important as an engineer because you have to be capable of examining assumptions and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions to problems.  This is a perfect segue to your next necessary skill, problem solving.  You have to be able to identify complex problems, evaluate potential solutions,  and then figure a way to implement them.

Finally, speaking skills will be important to you as a computer engineer.  Engineers often work with teams of people and must be able to communicate with other engineers.  Not only must you be able to communicate with your peers but also other non technical people that you will have to interact with in your day to day.  Master these qualities and you will be on your way to that big salary that you are hoping to attain on your career path!

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