A Key Magic Trick

A Key Magic Trick

Consider this dramatic and also overwelming wonderful technique. The illusionist sits blindfolded. He offers a deck of cards to a spectator-volunteer (a female) that enters into an additional room. The doors close and also they communicate via cellular phone.

The illusionist asks the volunteer to do the following: Choose a card from the deck. Place her Chosen card on top of the deck. Cut as well as square the deck. Her Chosen card currently exists hidden in the deck.

The illusionist then asks her to slowly deal each card face-up, as well as to call out each card as she turns it. After she undergoes the whole deck, he asks her to transform the dealt pile face-down and deal the cards once again. She does so.

At one point he quits her, announces the identity of her Chosen card, and also predicts that she will hand over that card next. This proves correct and also magically remarkable.

How did this happen?Pause and also creatively consider just what took place. Alone or with close friends, list methods you lg_slc1think you may do this magic. Boost your ideas with this list of extravagant suggestions I generated to start you out: Develop a code so a confederate in the other space could touch on the wall surface and make the card understood. Insect the room as well as location a mini receiver in the illusionists ear. Video clip the Chosen card as well as reveal it on an extremely small TV screen situated in his blindfold. And more.

My hunch is that you have originalities regarding just how the illusionist might have accomplished this magic trick. It may aid if you respond to the following concerns: How did the Chicago magician recognize the identity of the Chosen card, when did he understand it? Exactly how did the magician recognize the area of the Chosen card? What duty did the blindfold play? What occurred before the trick begun?

Please take a well-earned bow if you cooked up any kind of feasible method to do this technique. I currently lift the wizard’s drape. The illusionist sufficed this way …

Prior to he was blindfolded, the illusionist privately remembered the bottom card of the deck. This card became his ‘Key’ card.

After that when the spectator-volunteer cut the cards, the Key card (the bottom card) landed directly in addition to the Chosen card, which lay on top of the deck. When the volunteer dealt as well as revealed each card the very first time, the magician waited for her to call out the Trick card; he recognized the Chosen card followed and also he found the identity of her Chosen card. When the spectator-volunteer dealt the deck once more, the magician recognized the identification of her card and understood that it would certainly appear promptly after she called his Secret card. So straightforward.

Note that you may do this method less formally without the blindfold and the isolated illusionist. It depends upon what does it cost? show biz dramatization you want.


You may question why the illusionist mosted likely to such wonderful sizes (blindfold; separated space; door shut; cell trade-show-boothphone communication) for such a simple ‘no hands card trick.’ The solution: showbiz.

Magic entertains, and also entertainment requires remarkable effects. This technique can hardly please any person without the significant results. This relates to all techniques.

Dramatization and showmanship can consist of blindfolds; seclusion; costumes; goatees; magic sticks; assistants; beards; swirling drapes; highlighted hand gestures; flourishes; flamboyant style; tales; turbans; narratives; weird names; etc. All add to the showbiz part of magic, and also to audience satisfaction.

Without a doubt, magic without dramatization could appear completely dry and also doing not have in emotional content, needing exceptional technological skill to compensate.


Consider making use of a Secret card when trying to discover how you can do any kind of technique. Magicians utilize a Secret card in many means. One way, for instance, consists of the trick we reviewed above.

The illusionist memorized the bottom card of a deck making it the Secret card. He then asked the spectator-volunteer to place the Chosen card on the top of the deck. When the spectator-volunteer cut the deck, the illusionist’s Secret card landed on top of the Chosen card. By adhering to and managing the Trick card, the illusionist could locate the Chosen card. He can then disclose it magically. Attempt this yourself.

I understand dozens of versions of techniques that utilize the vital card principle.

Note that the magician did not touch the cards once the method began. Why do I note this? Because when spectators realize that I did not touch the cards while doing a method, as well as rather merely coached the spectator-volunteer, the viewers appeared exceedingly amazed, and I listen to remarks like: ‘No way you might have known that card’ or ‘Without sleight of hand you can refrain from doing that technique.’

Certainly, viewers recognize that sleights and also various other chicanery develop the complicated magic tricks, not superordinary conjuring. Nevertheless, when I do a trick in which I never touch the cards, the last haven of viewer shock disappears, and also they catch their very own tools that deal with paranormal ‘idea’ systems.

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